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 Terpineol CAS:8000-41-7
Commodity name:Terpineol
Terpineol is a kind of Terpineol which compounded from Pinene, a colorless and thick liquid of hydration, the sweet smell of lilac, is easily dissolvable in alcohol, little dissolvable in water and glycerol. It's very stable in base.
Synonyms:L-alpha-Terpineol netural;(8S)-p-menth-1-en-8-ol; 2-[(1S)-4-methylcyclohex-3-en-1-yl]propan-2-ol; 2-(4-methylcyclohex-3-en-1-yl)propan-2-ol
CAS NO.8006-39-1
HS CODE:29062900.90
Molecular Formula: C10H18O
Molecular Weight: 154.25
Color and state:Colorless and thick liquid. Max. Color standard No. 3 appearing crystal
Aroma:Like the sweet smell of lilac
Melting Point: <36
Combustion heat(kJ/mol): 6173
Flash Point:   98℃
Boiling Point: 214-224℃
Vapor Pressure:  13.33/149℃
Vapor Density:  5.3 (Air=1)
Specific Gravity (D420):   0.931-0.938
Refractive Index: 1.4845-1.4855 @ 20℃
soluble in:  Paraffin oil, alcohol, kerosene
Package:1.packed in galvanized iron drums.
1).80drums per 20`FCL and N.W.185kgs per drum
2).120drums per 20`FCL and N.W.150kgs per drum
2.Packed in IBC drums
Storage: Storaged in dry, ventilate and cool place, stow away from fire.
Use:It's suitable for making up perfumed soap cosmetics and perfume. It also acts as excellent solvent on iron sheet printing and enameling of glass wares, Low concentrations Terpineol can be used as flotation agent, wash agent and disinfectant. Terpineol is widely used in ink making, chemical industry, light industry, medicine and telecommunications, etc.

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